I’m supporting The Correspondent. Because what good is an academic reputation if you aren’t prepared to spend it on something you really believe in?
Jay Rosen New York University
I’m not interested in manipulative headlines. I’m interested in real journalism with depth, insight and indisputable facts, impeccably resourced and ad-free. That’s why I support The Correspondent.
Rosanne Cash Writer/musician
At the Dutch news organization De Correspondent, journalists share story ideas with subscribers before they write them, so they can harvest community knowledge.
David Brooks The New York Times
The Correspondent's way of approaching the news business is almost the purest expression of a humane kind of journalism.
Aron Pilhofer Temple University
I admired De Correspondent's commitment to provide context to what happens in the world and its pledge to put the community at the heart of the reporting.
Federica Cherubini Condé Nast International
I am delighted to support De Correspondent’s American adventure and to see its insightful, nuanced stories reach a new audience.
Marguerite Holloway Columbia University

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