What our ambassadors say:
I’m not interested in manipulative headlines. I’m interested in real journalism with depth, insight and indisputable facts, impeccably resourced and ad-free. That’s why I support The Correspondent.
Rosanne Cash Writer & musician
Between the resurgence of global populism, changes in news-consumption habits, and increasing skepticism toward journalism, news organizations face a moment of potential crisis. That's why I'm a fan of The Correspondent. It has the values I seek out in a modern news organization.
Nate Silver Founder, FiveThirtyEight
If you believe that our commonalities, rather than our differences, should be constantly highlighted in this rapidly changing and challenging world, I strongly recommend The Correspondent.
William Julius Wilson Sociologist, Harvard University
The Correspondent will bring its readers’ knowledge and experience into their newsroom: and that’s the way forward for journalism.
Alan Rusbridger Former editor, The Guardian
Real journalism does not pose as just an "objective observer", it takes a stance for justice and equality. That’s why I love and support The Correspondent: they stand for what’s right over what sells, actively fighting stereotypes and fear mongering, which is so desperately needed in our country today.
Blair Imani Author, activist & founder, Equality For Her
I’m supporting The Correspondent. Because what good is an academic reputation if you aren’t prepared to spend it on something you really believe in?
Jay Rosen Press critic, New York University
I love that The Correspondent recognizes the potential of working together with readers, just like we do at WikiTribune. If we both succeed in bringing this potential to life, it could truly be transformative for journalism in the years to come.
Jimmy Wales Founder, Wikipedia
I support The Correspondent because they understand people can do more than read headlines, they can take action to change them
Jordan Hewson Founder, Speakable
Much of journalism has morphed into “media.” The Correspondent is trying to transform journalism into something else: responsive to readers but not just an echo chamber. It understands that journalism requires editing as well as reporting.
Esther Dyson Founder, Wellville
Whether or not others chose to emulate it, The Correspondent’s existence is a reminder that people-centred journalism is possible and worth pursuing.
Eliza Anyangwe Founder, The Nzinga Effect
The Correspondent's way of approaching the news business is almost the purest expression of a humane kind of journalism.
Aron Pilhofer Journalism innovation chair, Temple University
I admire The Correspondent's commitment to provide context to what happens in the world and its pledge to put the community at the heart of the reporting.
Federica Cherubini Condé Nast International
I am delighted to support The Correspondent’s American adventure and to see its insightful, nuanced stories reach a new audience.
Marguerite Holloway Writer & professor, Columbia University
My favorite part about what The Correspondent is doing is that they're taking a responsible, user-centered approach to informing communities while challenging internet media norms.
Matt Kiser Founder, WTF Just Happened Today
As it launches in the U.S., The Correspondent will introduce new, novel ways to involve readers’ smarts in journalism.
Emily Goligoski Research director, Membership Puzzle Project
De Correspondent represents a radical innovation not only in the way journalism is done but in the conversation around building trust in media.
Nishant Lalwani Director, Omidyar Network
We have a responsibility to each other to decrease the noise and commit to constructive conversation. We can hear each other, disagree with each other, learn from each other, and share what we believe. This is the platform that can make a difference in that effort.
Chelsea Collier Founder, Digi.City
For anyone who is worried about the future of truth, trust and the news, The Correspondent is a big step in the right direction.
Russell Shorto Acclaimed author & historian
I strongly support The Correspondent in its mission to put journalism before financial gain, and not be ruled by a broken revenue model that grotesquely benefits one or two digital behemoths at the expense of all others. It is what journalism needs to survive, and our democracy depends on it to flourish.
Jim Rich Pulitzer Prize-winning editor
If we care about the future of our democracies and of our planet we need to fundamentally change how journalism is funded, produced and presented. Fortunately the internet gives us the tools to do this. That is why I support The Correspondent and its aim to build a new collaborative future for journalism that is both innovative and sustainable.
Joris Luyendijk Best-selling author & journalist
With a focus on building reader trust and a refusal to pander to corporations for their ad dollars, The Correspondent aspires to be the much-needed fix the news media needs, and I’m definitely here for it.
Mariam Durrani Anthropologist & social justice advocate
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