Our story so far

We launched our Amsterdam-based journalism platform De Correspondent in 2013 with a record-breaking crowdfunding campaign, raising $1.7 million from some 20,000 backers. We are now 60,000 members strong and still fiercely ad-free.

Our Dutch platform features in-depth articles, documentaries, and podcasts produced by journalists who are committed to collaborating with members on their chosen beat. Together, we cover stories every day that tend to escape the mainstream media’s radar because they don’t fit neatly into the drama of the 24-hour news cycle.

De Correspondent provides an antidote to the daily news grind – shifting the focus from the sensational to the foundational, and from the attention-grabbing headline to the constructive insight. We refuse to speculate about the latest scare or today’s breaking story, but work instead to uncover the underlying forces that shape our world – every day.

Where we're headed

We’re working with NYU’s Jay Rosen to bring our model for journalism to the US and beyond, as The Correspondent, where journalists and members meet.

The Correspondent will provide a different kind of news. Instead of amplifying the outliers that took place today, we’ll work to uncover what takes place every day. To better understand the world we live in.

And your expertise will help us do that. After all, 100 physicians will always know more than one healthcare correspondent. The stories emerging from this unique collaboration are changing what journalism can be – transforming the news from a megaphone for the powerful into a tool for the rest of us. The Correspondent gives all sorts of knowledge a foothold in the media, shaping the stories we tell one another.

So tell me where you’re coming from. Then tell me your story.

Because true insight into the forces that shape our world only comes when we’re all included in the conversation.

our principles


The Correspondent is an antidote to the daily news grind

The Correspondent challenges oversimplification and stereotyping

The Correspondent does not strive to maximize profits

The Correspondent is openly subjective

The Correspondent practices constructive journalism

The Correspondent actively involves members in the journalism itself

The Correspondent is entirely free of ads

The Correspondent protects the privacy of our members

The Correspondent is committed to an enduring relationship with members

The Correspondent seeks to include members and journalists from all walks of life

The Correspondent thinks in terms of curious individuals, not target groups

The Correspondent believes in collaboration and continued self-improvement

Let me in on this antidote to the daily news grind

Want to know more?

Reach out! We’d love to hear any questions or suggestions you have about what we've got in mind for The Correspondent.