On Thursday 10 December, it was announced that In the two weeks until the end of the year, we each took it in turn – via the daily newsletters – to say farewell, sharing an anecdote or two with you, as well as the stories we have loved reading or working on.

Below is the collection of all our story recommendations. I hope it serves as a way for you to explore our rich archive – alongside utilising the introductory guide, browsing the collections and correspondent pages, or perusing what’s on offer in audio, under the “Listen” tab.

An introduction to the First 1000 days by correspondent, Irene Caselli

Senior editor, Shaun Lavelle’s recommendations

Conversation editor, Nabeelah Shabbir’s recommendations

Editor and member support manager, Carmen Schaack’s recommendations

Othering correspondent, OluTimehin Adegbeye’s top three newsletters

Production editor, Sabrina Argoub’s recommendation

Sanity correspondent, Tanmoy Goswami shares his best stories

The best creative work, recommended by image editor Lise Straatsma

Better Politics correspondent, Nesrine Malik’s recommendations

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Founder, Rob Wijnberg’s recommendation

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