We’re hosting a live conversation with our correspondents, discussing how members have impacted and influenced their journalism – and of course, you’re invited!

At a glance

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Guests: OluTimehin Adegbeye, Irene Caselli, Tanmoy Goswami, Eric Holthaus, and Nesrine Malik.

Where: The Correspondent’s Zoom webinar, register

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What’s this event about?

Each of our correspondents has followed a learning curve this year as they report on their journalistic beat. This learning curve is informed and enhanced by you, our members, through what we call ‘memberful’ practices. For the first time, you can hear directly from them how members have guided them as they explore our world’s most pressing issues, and how you can have an even bigger impact.


Ask Tanmoy Goswami, who is based in Delhi, India, why he writes about "sanity", and not "mental health", and how he has explored everything from the science of guilt to the power of touch and suicide prevention.

Based in Cairo, Egypt, how does Nesrine Malik see the future of democracy, especially as we near elections in the US? As Better Politics correspondent, what solutions are there?

In Minnesota, US, Eric Holthaus covered climate change as wildfires burned around the world and social justice movements merged with climate activism.

For OluTimehin Adegbeye, based in Lagos, Nigeria, writing about Othering means analysing core themes such as death, racism and queer rights.

And finally, correspondent Irene Caselli has written on the first 1,000 days of human life from a scientific, developmental, and political perspective from South America and Europe. 

Join us for a 90-minute conversation at The Correspondent on Zoom – register

Things to know

If you’d like to leave a question for our journalists in advance, or if you cannot join the video conversation or have a hearing impairment – please do leave your question or contribution below, and we will do our best to get to them.

My colleague Lily Maxwell will be posting the most important insights from our members and correspondents below the piece, as the conversation is live, so that you can follow along.

See you then!