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Help us understand how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting inequality around the world

In March, we invited experts from around the globe who are on the medical and information frontlines of Covid-19 to . Now, together with members, we want to understand the impact of the pandemic when it comes to inequality.

We want to learn more about how, globally, our political or health systems hold particular groups back.

What is the situation for migrant workers or refugees in camps? Did you lose your job in the gig economy? And what can we do to prevent inequality from growing during this crisis?

Join our next transnational chat on this topic. This will be a 30-minute text-based event in April (with the date to be confirmed once we know who our guests will be).

We want to hear from you if:

  • You are being disproportionately affected by your health system, or by your political reality. 
  • You work with vulnerable communities and can connect us to those who are being marginalised during this pandemic. Or if you can represent them during this chat.
  • You are a social scientist who can share insights into how our mobility, gender or race is affecting our experiences of coronavirus.

We want to hear from people all over the world, so that we can share our ideas for how to fix shared situations together.

Do you have relevant expertise or experience and want to join our conversation with members? Email me, Nabeelah, at

Conversation editor

Are you from – or do you know someone – from a community impacted by the pandemic? We'd like to include this perspective in our next transnational chat.