What our ambassadors say

Hari Kondabolu -
Nate Silver - Between the resurgence of global populism, changes in news-consumption habits, and increasing skepticism toward journalism, news organizations face a moment of potential crisis. That's why I'm a fan of The Correspondent. It has the values I seek out in a modern news organization.
Cameron Russell -
Judd Apatow -
Rosanne Cash - I’m not interested in manipulative headlines. I’m interested in real journalism with depth, insight, and indisputable facts, impeccably resourced and ad-free. That’s why I support The Correspondent.
DeRay Mckesson -
Franklin Leonard -
Jordan Hewson - I support The Correspondent because they understand people can do more than read headlines, they can take action to change them.
Jimmy Wales - I love that The Correspondent recognizes the potential of working together with readers, just like we do at WikiTribune. If we both succeed in bringing this potential to life, it could truly be transformative for journalism in the years to come.
David Simon -
Blair Imani - Real journalism does not pose as just an 'objective observer', it takes a stance for justice and equality. That's why I love and support The Correspondent: they stand for what's right over what sells, actively fighting stereotypes and fear mongering, which is so desperately needed in our country today.
Beau Willimon -
Jay Rosen - I’m supporting The Correspondent. Because what good is an academic reputation if you aren’t prepared to spend it on something you really believe in?
Carice Van Houten -
Dele Olojede - I love The Correspondent for its boldness in reimagining what journalism ought to be— an essential tool of being fully human, something inherently valuable beyond the whims of advertisers, beyond even the sole "expertise" of journalists. In once building an anti-corruption newspaper in a rough neighborhood, I now realize that the model of The Correspondent was one we should have invented. Better late than never.
William Julius Wilson - If you believe that our commonalities, rather than our differences, should be constantly highlighted in this rapidly changing and challenging world, I strongly recommend The Correspondent.
Eli Pariser -
Om Malik -
Molly Crabapple -
Alan Rusbridger - The Correspondent will bring its readers’ knowledge and experience into their newsroom: and that’s the way forward for journalism.
Esther Perel -
Baratunde Thurston - I support The Correspondent because I believe in journalism that serves people. I believe the stories we tell ourselves shape our reality and that it matters how we fund those stories and who tells them. Also, The Correspondent uses amazing fonts.
Esther Dyson -
Lux Alptraum -
Jim Rich -
Cas Mudde -
Harlan Mandel -
Derrick Ashong -
Federica Cherubini -
Nishant Lalwani -
Lea Korsgaard -
Barry Eisler -
Emily Goligoski - As it launches in the US, The Correspondent will introduce new and novel ways to involve readers’ smarts in journalism.
Dan Gillmor -
Noreena Hertz -
Anthony De Rosa -
Vivian Schiller -
Natalie Ludwig -
Holley Murchisson - I believe the ways that we consume our news and participate in the unfolding of our stories are changing for the better. I'm excited to support The Correspondent's expansion effort because they thoughtfully offer an opportunity to reclaim and introduce new narratives through responsible, inclusive journalism.
Cathrine Gyldensted -
Molly De Aguiar -
Emily Best -
Karen Wickre -
Joseph O'neill -
Rozina Ali -
Jeff Atwood -
Doug Shipman -
Mandy Jenkins -
Eric Holthaus -
Kenneth Rosen - Journalism which rejects stereotypes and advances a more nuanced understanding of the world is a vital tool of democracy. That is why I support The Correspondent.
Rafia Zakaria -
Leslie Hinkson -
Russell Shorto -
Kristen Han -
John Borthwick -
Stephen Fowler -
Matt Kiser -
Clay Shirky -
Emmy Blotnick -
Ryan Holiday - In my work, I have described how the ad model forces news outlets into a relentless hunt for traffic. The Correspondent has proved there's an outrage and flimsy breaking news. It will be good to have them in English.

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