Oil giant Shell has spent millions of dollars lobbying against measures that would protect the planet from climate catastrophe. But thanks to a film recently obtained by De Correspondent, it’s now clear that their position wasn’t born of ignorance. Shell knows that fossil fuels put us all at risk – in fact, they’ve known for over a quarter of a century. Climate of Concern, a 1991 educational film produced by Shell, warned that the company’s own product could lead to extreme weather, floods, famines, and climate refugees, and noted that the reality of climate change was "endorsed by a uniquely broad consensus of scientists."

The question, ladies and gentlemen, is what did Shell know and when did they know it. De Correspondent would like to enter into evidence Exhibit A: Climate of Concern.


Climate of Concern: The film Shell made in 1991 to warn about climate change (30 min.)

The Climate of Concern stories are the result of over a year of investigative reporting by for De Correspondent. For the English-language version of the main report, we teamed up with the Guardian’s Environment Editor who conducted additional research and covered the story for his outlet.

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